Englewood Farmers Market

Visit ecoTending at The Open Studio booth

Visit us on Thursday October 24th from 9am to 2pm on Dearborn St. in Old Englewood. We are going to be selling a wide variety of plants and trees along with seeds. Our Sorghum harvest has been so abundant, we've decided to package seeds for $3 each. Stop by and learn the benefits of including Sorghum in your diet!


The Open Studio

Ecotending and Gardens Park

The Gardens at The Open Studio is now an ecoTending Gardens Park project. Visit us at 380 Old Englewood Rd., Englewood, FL


ecoTending Builds Community!

ecoTending, Inc is a Florida Not-For-Profit corporation whose mission is to sell edible trees and plants through a registered nursery and to educate the general public on the benefits of growing their own food and giving the excess harvest to food pantries, thereby eleviating hunger and building community.

ecoTending, Inc is now managing the Gardens at The Open Studio in Englewood, FL for a nursery, offices and education center. We are currently under construction transforming the many gardens into Gardens Park. When operational, this center will sell edible plants, rain barrels, and more. There will also be regular classes on Florida gardening and growing community through the planting of fruit and nut trees. We are excited at the opportunity to serve Englewood and are counting on community support!

Prime Initiative - End Hunger 2020 .org

Movement to eradicate hunger worldwide by 2020.

A clear, simple vision to eradicate hunger from the Human conciousness. "End Hunger 2020" is the pathway by which Humanity can eliminate one of the most painful and gripping human conditions, hunger.

If every family in the world would do these three simple steps and got involved in "End Hunger 2020", hunger could be realistically eradicated by 2020.

Do your part, join "End Hunger 2020".


At ecoTending, we believe in looking at the Earth, and all of it's many wonderful gifts, with a purpose of eliminating hunger, as well as many other social problems plaguing our lives. Plant a Tree, Feed a Human and Seeds of Planting Create Forests of Giving are not just slogans, they remind us of the simplicity of our mission.

If you currently have a "Gleaning" program in your community and wish to be listed in our directory, or you would like information on how to set up a "Gleaning" program in your community, please CONTACT US.


Producing food for your community is easier than you think. Contact ecoTending, Inc today and help feed your community.


Creating Community
Forests of Food